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  • Apr 13
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  • Pages from Gay Desperado Production (1936, Mary Pickford Production)

    Yeah I'm the dick who won these, sorry other person.  The seller didn't realize what they had, neither did I tell I got it in the mail (hones...
    Mar 17
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  • Mar 16
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  • What if Song of the South had been re-released in 1995? Also: racism and vintage

    There was a post on Jezebel awhile ago about 'hipster racism'...which seems...unfair.  You can't dub all youth movement (which the term has c...
    Mar 13
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  • Isle of Love (Virginia Rappe, Julian Eltinge and Rudolph Valentino) THE DRINKING GAME!
    (seems embedding is no good so here:

    A little history: this fi...
    Mar 1
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    Silent stars you can't stand aka the hatred conundrum

    I've been having fun acquiring some sheet music to see what's around and what will be nice to frame.  I purchased a $2 lot that looked like i...
    Feb 20
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    Feb 17
    Okay umm...not sure how I feel about that. Unique, definitely more thought than Semon's crap. You know what it reminded me of? Pee Wee Herman's show.
    Feb 20
    To me, it's like a live action Warner Brother's cartoon - but before there were Warner Brother's cartoons...
    Feb 20
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  • So you want to publish a silent/classic related book...
    As many of you know, I've traversed through the silent film publishing world.  Below constitutes advice from someone who has done it, but are str...
    Feb 15
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    Love Child: Niece and Nephew syndrome

    In 1915 Jewel Carmen created what was perhaps the first Hollywood scandal by claiming an older man had taken advantage of her 'underaged' self (sh...
    Feb 15
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    Feb 15
    Yes, you covered it well - thanks. Also, thanks for the compliments regarding my mother. She was quite an attractive woman (but still didn't like to be photographed).

    I have come up with more information, obviously, since the information in that interview and I need to document it in story form. Even though I am retired, I seem to have no free time, so I'll have to make time! It was quite interesting and part of it involves the film industry's move from the east coast to Hollywood in the early days.

    Regarding the DNA testing, fortunately the maternal mitochondrial DNA testing is now available and fairly easy to access. It ranges from $99 to $200 for a test using the commonly available services. My grandmother (Marguerite Stratton) was married to James Bernard Moore when my mother was born. James was an assistant cameraman in Hollywood for almost 40 years and ended his career working for Columbia Pictures. James was also one half Tlingit (Native American) from a well-known Alaskan family. So, my first step was to have my DNA tested for Native American ancestry through my mother's side. This came back 100% European (as did my paternal side) with links to parts of Spain. The next step was to locate relatives of Antonio's in Spain to verify the results. BTW, this also led to the documentary film on Antonio Moreno, which I'm a part of.
    Feb 15
    I forgot to address your question about my grandmother and mother's relationship - my grandmother "relinquished" my mother to the attorney in 1919. Part of the deal (to cover up the parentage) was no contact. So, my mother could not contact or locate my grandmother. I've been able to trace parts of my grandmother's life thanks to the Internet's access to documents.
    Feb 15
    Wow interesting! I did see your documentary article, when its available for viewing in the US let me know (come on TCM!)

    I'm gonna write a lil follow up blog on publishing, its long overdue anyway.
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  • The most mysterious love child: Koran Mdivani (son of Mae Murray)
    Update: Still working on this, the mystery as thickened

    It was only last night I wrote an article on the niece/nephew syndrome aka the adopted baby...
    Feb 14
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